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I have recently signed up for Pay Per Post. I have discovered it while surfing the internet. I stumbled upon a blog post that discusses about blog monetization. I immediately became interested. Nonetheless, during that time, my blogsite was just recently created. Hence, it did not yet contain enough articles to qualify for Pay Per Post. A blogsite must at least three-month old or older and must be active to qualify. By definition, an active blogsite must have regularly updated posts with the rate of at least seven new posts per month. A blog site must at least have twenty previous posts for the last three months and the gaps between post should not exceed thirty days. Since my blogsite was not yet qualified, I shared the opportunity with some of my co-workers who also have their respective blogs.

Although the blog post that I have stumbled upon discusses other blog monetization opportunities, I have found Pay Per Post to be the most convenient and flexible way to monetize my blog. Pay Per Post offers a wide range of writing opportunities. Virtually all types of blog genres are covered. However, most of the opportunities are related to product endorsements and web marketing. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that highly specialized blogsites do not have enough opportunities to be monetized by subscribing to Pay Per Post. On the contrary, some highly-paid blog posts deal with equally specialized topics. I was surprised to see featured bloggers who earn thousand of dollars as freelance writers.

Hopefully, I could also make enough income from Pay Per Post to augment my regular income. This is a truly great opportunity. My articles will not anymore stand idle. They will become income-generating collection of words. I am yet to earn from Pay Per Post but if ever my articles would be approved, hopefully my earnings would be substantial enough.

(NOTE: For more detailed information about the terms and conditions of Pay Per Post, click this link: PPP Terms and Conditions.)

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