RSS Feed Editor


You are most likely familiar with RSS feeds if you are a blogger. On the other hand, if you are not yet acquainted with RSS, it stands for “really simple syndication.” It is an internet tool that allows word contents of websites (including blogsites) to be automatically published in other sites. Subscribing to RSS feeds is a convenient way to receive regular updates from certain sites without actually visiting these sites. To put it simply, an RSS feed is a method of broadcasting the contents of websites. Simple as it may seem, creating an RSS feed requires a special software application that is otherwise known as RSS creator.

An RSS feed creator allows you to customize the contents of your site’s RSS feed. You can accomplish several sophisticated tasks without any thorough knowledge of web programming. Using an RSS feeds creator will enable you to create, edit and broadcast feeds. You may also import texts from CSV and HTML files and upload them in FTP formats. This software can operate using wide variety of RSS formats. You do not need to learn complicated codes since all the basic operations can be done by using user-friendly wizards. You simply need to input all the relevant RSS feeds and the rest of the task is accomplished by the editor.

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