Why Do I hate Windows 7?


Last year when my computer became infected with multiple viruses and worms, I decided to have it reformatted because it was already too slow and some programs were not anymore working properly. My former operating system was Windows XP. The computer technician convinced me that I should try Windows 7 Ultimate. Here in the Philippines, there are five versions of Windows 7, namely, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. At first I was satisfied with its performance because there were fewer crashes and glitches. My computer also performed faster and somewhat became less vulnerable to viruses.

I know that these operating system is really meant to be simple, focused and incremental in upgrade to make it more compatible with a wide range of software and hardware. This made sense but as the months passed-by, I have discovered some limitations and goofs of Windows 7 that can be considered as unforgivable (at least in my experience).

I have listed a few of the reasons why I hate Windows 7:

1.) The Audacity Cross-Platform Sound Editor does not work well with Windows 7. When I had Window XP running in my computer, I can record, edit and convert any audio or music playing in my computer into MP3 format. This was very useful when I was searching for music that I want to convert to MP3 format from YouTube flash videos.

2.) My Avira Anti Virus program cannot anymore perform complete system scan. Although I am not absolutely sure if the Windows 7 is at fault, I suspect that the operating system cannot handle some of the commands from the anti-virus program.

3.) The Windows Media Player included in the Windows 7 package lack many features of other versions of Windows Media Player. For example, there are no "Visualization" options in Windows 7 Media Player.

4.) Upgrading some features (formerly present in XP and Vista) will mean additional expense.

5.) There is a problem with the Windows Live Photo Gallery. When you click a hyperlink that leads to an audio or video file, Windows Media Player sometimes does not start and the browser may return an error message.

6.) If you use the Windows Backup configuration wizard and either complete or cancel the wizard without viewing the advanced backup configuration page at least once, the wizard may stop responding.

7.) Some websites are not correctly displayed if you use the Internet Explorer.

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