Linking Graphics


You can easily insert pictures or graphics in your blog post using the upload picture button. You may upload directly from your computer or from an internet source. You may also easily link the picture or graphics to any web address you prefer by simply highlighting the picture and clicking the link icon/button of the tool options available on the menu bar of the rich-text editor box of your blog post.

However, linking a graphic or picture is not straightforward when it comes to the widgets of your side bars. Hence, a simple knowledge of HTML tags would be helpful.

The basic HTML tag used for displaying a graphic is this <img src="url address">. This HTML tag will insert the graphic of the URL address that you specified. It it is advisable that you use jpeg images.

On the other hand, to link the said image to a particular web address, you simply have to enclose the above codes inside these codes: <a href="web address"> and </a>.

Save your post and view your blog. As you hover, the mouse arrow over the image, you will notice, that it will change into hand, indicating that the image is a linked image. The aformentioned HTML codes will give you flexibility in inserting images and linking those images whenever the text editor does not provide easy clickable options such as in the case of sidebar picture and text widgets.

For instance, the codes used for the image shown below are the following:

<a href="http://homar.wordpress.com/" target="new">
<img src="http://homar.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/rizalman.jpg"></a>

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