Linking To Email


If you want to create a text link to your email or multiple email addresses on your Blogger blogsite side bar, you can use these basic anchor tags: <a href="mailto: email address"> EMAIL </a> to create the link. Simply choose the "add text" option of the "Choose a New Page Element" tab, as shown below:

On the other hand, if you want to use an image link, you should enclose <img src="image.jpeg"> tags inside the abovementioned anchor tags, instead of the "EMAIL" text. You can actually choose any appropriate image you like. It could be JPEG image or a GIF image such as the one I have chosen. Simply specify the URL of the image that you prefer. You can use Google image search to find the appropriate image that you prefer.

The codes for the above image link are these:

<a href="mailto:dickens1854@yahoo.com,homar.murillo@gmail.com" target="_blank"><img width="120" src="http://members.aol.com/bahayla/1em04c.gif"/></a>

You can simply replace the email addresses shown above with the email address or addresses that you intend to link. If you have multiple email addresses, use commas to separate each email address. If you click the above image, the MS-Outlook program will automatically open. This is a very convenient way for your readers to send you emails.

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