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Although Blogger/Blogspot is very easy to use and it has great flexibility compared to other blog hosting services, it has some disadvantages. One disadvantage of Blogger/Blogspot is its lack of readily available three-column templates and other more professionally-looking templates such as found in Wordpress, for instance. However, this blog host offers lots of freedom, especially for would-be web designers.

Although you might be very creative, it requires some technical skills when it comes to designing Blogger/Blogspot templates. You have to be knowledgeable about HTML and CSS to implement your ideas. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who is too busy and do not have much patience to design your own templates, you may simply download from other sources. There are many blogsites and web sites that offer free templates.

I have listed here some links where you can find free templates for Blogger/Blogspot. However, when it comes to downloading templates, it is not as straightforward as copy-pasting the codes. You must first download the file and save it to your hard desk, then upload it to the template editor of your blogsite.

There are instances wherein the template editor will not parse or you will be asked to delete some widgets. This is especially true if you have too many widgets in your original blog template. Typically, you must simply confirm and save. However, there are instances wherein you may need to manually delete the widgets. Hence, it is wise to first save the original template before trying to replace it with a new one. This should be done to preserve the widgets of your original template.

Here are some of the best links that offer free Blogger/Blogspot templates:

  1. Fresh Blogger Templates
  2. Blog Crowds
  3. Skins for Blogger
  4. Blogger Templates I
  5. Mashable
  6. Blogspot Templates
  7. Blogger Templates II
  8. Gecko&Fly
  9. Final Sense
  10. Free Templates
  11. Deceblog
  12. Blogger Themes
  13. Jackbook
  14. K2Modify
  15. Free Skins

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