Cellular Phones Vs. Wireless Landline Phones


The development and popularity of the mobile cellular phones has made the landline phone almost obsolete. Fewer homes and individuals here in the Philippines can afford a landline phone subscription but many Filipinos can afford and desire to have the latest model of cellular phones. Some Filipinos even save or borrow money from loan sharks just to buy the latest mobile phone model. Some opt for original brands while others prefer cheaper cloned brands, such as the China-made touchscreen phones.

The popularity of cellular phones units is not only because of their affordability and high-tech features. More importantly, mobile phones are widespread because of the convenient and affordable prepaid subscription options. For as low as two pesos, "pasa-load", a mobile phone can already be used to send SMS. For a time, the landline phone companies simply could not compete with the mobile phone service providers.

However, all of these changed with the introduction of the wireless landline phone services. At present, there are two major telephone companies providing wireless landline phone subscriptions. PLDT is the dominant provider of wireless landline services in Metro Manila while Bayantel dominates the provinces with its Bayantel Span phones.

For as low as 499 pesos subscription fee per month, a subscriber can already have a landline with unlimited local calling time. Pre-paid subscriptions are also offered by both PLDT and Bayantel. Both also now have SIM cards for their phone units. The phone units are available in two main designs, namely, the desktop types and the mobile or "cellphone" types. The desktop types can be connected to a computer and used to access the internet but additional fees are required. Typically, additional 12 pesos is charged per "online" hour, prorated down to minutes.

The main advantage of the PLDT wireless landline service is that buying a phone unit is not necessary. You can simply buy a PLDT landline SIM card for 100 pesos and you can use it in any open-line GSM cellular phone. You can also use the SMS features even if you are already outside the coverage area for the "call" services. Just like regular wired landline phones the wireless landline phones are limited to certain areas, usually within a province.

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