The Body Tag Attributes


Right after the <head> tag, the <body> tag follows. The <body> tag defines the content of the HTML document. If you are working with simple HTML document without the CSS (cascading style sheet), you can set the general style of the document by defining the attributes of the <body> tag. Inside the <body> tag, you can define the background color, the background image, and the general text formatting.

For instance, to set the background color of the document, you simply have to enter this format: <body bgcolor="color">. The "color" declaration can either be words or hexadecimal HTML tags. For example, you may write "red" or "FF0000" to display red background. There are other color specifications you may use.

On the other hand, to setup the background image, you simply have to enter this format: <body background=''image location">. The "image location" should be hosted by a server. Hence, you may use this image location: "http://www.libcoop.net/mcl/j0382584.jpg" to display the image above. However, any specified background image will be tiled. The image background that you specified will be appplied to the whole document.

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