Creating Table


Creating a table using HTML tags is not as straightforward as you would probably achieve it using special softwares such as MS-FrontPage or MS-Word. Yes, you can actually create web pages using word processor programs such as MS-Word to easily create customized web pages. You simply have to save the Word document as HTML and the tags will automatically be generated. It is very convenient. However, it is still helpful to know the basic structure of an HTML table, especially if you want to trouble shoot a basic web document such as blogs.

There are instances wherein you may need to create a table for your blogs. A table may contain texts, links, and graphics. There are three basic sets of HTML tags used in creating tables for a web document. These tags are shown below. The sample table that you see here uses the displayed HTML tags. However, you should note that when it comes to Blogger, table tags should be written as continous one line. Pressing the enter key several times would create too much white spaces above the table. This is especially true if the table has a lot of data contents. Click this link to see an example of a table with too much white spaces above it: HTML Tags.



Codes Used:

<table border="2">


<td>data1</td> <td>data2</td>



<td>data3</td> <td>data4</td>




  1. <table> --used to delineate the boundaries of the table
  2. <tr> --used to delineate rows
  3. <td> --used to delineate cells where table data are located
  4. border="number" --used to set the border lines

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