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One way of monetizing or generating residual income from your blog is to add a Google search box. The search box that you see on the header area of this blogsite is a Google search box. Every time you or someone else uses the said search box, certain points are added to your Google Adsense account. These points are then accumulated and converted into monetary value when they reach certain level. This is called Adsense for Search.

Adsense for Search offers three window options. Depending on your preferences, the search results may open on the same window, on another window or within your own site. Try typing search keywords inside the Google search box above. When you click the search button, the search results open within this site. This option is the best option if you want your readers to stay on your site when making Google searches.

To include a Google search box with similar settings such as found on this site, you must first open your Google Adsense account. If you do not have one, you must first create an account. Go to this site: Google Adsense.

Here are the simple steps that you can follow to embed a Google search box on your Blogger/Blogspot site:

Step1: Open your Google Adsense account.

Step2: Choose the Adsense Setup tab and click Adsense for search as shown in the illustration below:

Step3: Choose the option that will open the search results area within your site. You will notice that two sets of codes will be displayed. The first set of codes is for the search box while the second set of codes is for the search results area.

Step4: Login to your Blogger/Blogspot account and open the Page Elements tab.

Step5: Copy-paste the first set of codes onto an available header page element box. Then, copy-paste the second set of codes onto a crosscol page element box. Save your template and view your blog. Now, you are done. You may now test your new Google search box.

NOTE: To add new page elements to the header and crosscol areas of your template, read this post: New Header and Crosscol Elements.

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