Preserving Widgets


Once you have decided to upload a new template for your blogsite, you may want to preserve the widgets of your original template. Here are the simple steps to preserve the widgets of your original template, thereby allowing them to appear on your newly modified blog template.

Step1: Go to the template editor and choose the edit HTML tab:

Step2: Find these codes: </body></html>. These codes are easy to find because they are located at the end of the template file.

Step3: Add this code immediately before the codes stated above: <b:section id='backupwidget' showaddelement='yes'/>. Save your template.

Step4: Go to the Page Elements tab. You will notice that a new blank page element box appears on the bottom-most portion. Drag the widget elements into the new element box as shown below. Save your template.

Step5: Open again the HTML template editor and locate this section: <b:section id='backupwidget' showaddelement='yes'/>. This is the same section that you previously added. Copy this section and include all the codes therein until the closing </html> tag.

Step6: Open the new teplate XML file that you have designed or downloaded from other source. Choose Notepad to edit the file. Now, paste the codes that you have just copied from your older template into the last section of the new template. However, you must first delete these codes: </body></html> in the new template and replace it with the codes that you have copied from the older template as stated in Step5. Save your new template.

Step 7: Now you are done. You can now upload the new template for your blogite. All the widgets that you included from the older template will now appear in the new template. Simply rearrange the widget elements based on your preferences. See this post for instructions on how to properly download and upload a new template: Template Downloads.

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