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Do you want your favorite site to be displayed within your blog?. There are Javascript codes that you can create and copy-paste on your website or blogsite to enable you to create i-frames. An i-frame is actually like a picture frame contained within another picture frame. It may also be compared to a window within a window. An i-frame allows you to view other sites within your own site. Hence, there is no need to navigate away from your site. You can simultaneously view two sites. For instance, if you scroll down to the footer area of this blogsite, you will see an i-frame displaying my GooglePages site (Family Life). This is made possible by the i-frame codes that I have embedded on this site.

To conveniently create an i-frame for your site, you must first create the code in Bitty Browser. Follow the step-by-step graphical instructions below:

Step1: Open Bitty Browser page.

Step2: Go to the settings page by clicking the "change something" link.

Step3: Choose the "change the contents" option.

Step4: Choose the "website URL" option.

Step5: Paste the URL of your choice inside the form box. This could be the URL of your other blog or the URL of your favorite site.

Step6: Get the HTML/Javascript codes by clicking the "Get HTML" icon.

Step7: Copy-paste the codes to your blog. Simply choose the appropriate location. Preferably, you should embed the codes on the footer area of your site. Now you are done. Save and view your blog.

On the other hand, if you do not want to go over the abovementioned steps, simply copy-paste the codes below onto the footer area of your site. Simply change the red-highlighted URL address with the URL address of your choice.


<script type="text/javascript">

/* Bitty Browser tips & tricks: */
/* http://www.bitty.com/manual/ */

bitty = {contents: [{
service: "bitty:browser",
title: "Bitty Browser",
width: "100%",
height: "400",
titlebar: {display: "on"},
buttonbar: {textlabels: "on"},
searchbar: {display: "on"},
homepage: {contents: [{website: "http://homar.murillo.googlepages.com/"}]}

// -->
</script><script src="http://b1.bitty.com/b2script/" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript><a href="http://www.bitty.com/">Bitty Browser</a> (JavaScript required)</noscript>

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