Embedding PowerPoint Slides


Have you noticed that the Blogger/Blogspot post editor only offers photo and video upload? The illustration below shows the icons that you should click if you want to upload photos or videos from your hard desk. However, what if you want to upload PowerPoint or PDF files? There are no straightforward options that you can choose. Hence, the best option would be to first convert the files into some sort of codes and copy-paste or embed them onto your blog in similar manner that YouTube videos are embedded on blog posts.

To embed a PowerPoint file onto Blogger, you must first create an account in Slide Share. After creating an account, you can then upload the PowerPoint files that you created. However, the maximum file size that is allowed is 30 Megabytes. Well, this is enough for general purposes. Uploading may take some time, depending on the file size. On the other hand, the process of converting the file into Slide Share format may take longer time. Hence, you should be patient.

After your file has been converted into codes, you can now embed the codes from the corresponding code box as shown in the illustration below. To do this, copy the corresponding codes; then, open the text editor of your blog and choose the "Edit Html" tab. Paste the codes that you copied. Publish your post or save it as draft.

Now you are done. After publishing your post, you can now view your blog. Remember, there are separate codes for Wordpress and Blogger. Simply choose the appropriate codes that you are going to embed. Here is an example of an embedded PowerPoint file. This file was created by my friend, Joseph Benedict:

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