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The great thing about Blogger/Blogspot templates is their flexibility. Depending on your skills and creativity, there is virtually limitless range of design variations that you can implement. Unlike other blog hosting services, such as Wordpress, Blogger does not require you to pay fees to modify the templates. However, there is a downside to this. Blogger does not provide readily available professional looking templates, such as three-column layouts or templates with built-in navigation bars. Consequently, if you want to modify the Blogger template and extend its functionality, you either need to download templates from other site or directly edit your own template. The second option is preferable, especially if you want to have a unique blogsite design.

There are web sites and blogsites (such as this one) that offer HTML and CSS tutorials. However, the main problem when it comes to editing Blogger template codes is finding the specific sections that need to be edited. Although the Blogger template codes are arranged in logical manner, they are especially meant to be read by web browsers and not by human eyes. For most people, HTML and CSS codes are confusing if not downright intimidating.

To conveniently edit your Blogger/Blogspot template, here are the steps that you should follow:

Step1: Open the HTML template editor of your blog and backup or download the template.

The XML editor will open as shown below:

Step2: Save this XML file into the hard desk of your computer.

Step3: Open the XML template file using Notepad. It is not advisable to use MS-Word because it may introduce hidden codes that may not be parsed by the template editor.

Step4: Simply use the Ctrl+F command to find the specific sections that you need to edit.

Step5: After editing the template, save it and upload it to Blogger.

NOTE: Another method of editing the template is to directly edit it in the Blogger HTML template editor. To do this, you must first, check the "expand widget" box found at the upper-right corner of the HTML
editor frame. You may also copy-paste the whole codes onto Notepad and do the editing there.

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